Wednesday, March 18, 2009

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Salam and hello out there….

Search Engine?? Now, many search engine are available in the internet. We just type whether,, or other to search any information that we want to know. But, what are the differences and similarities between, google scholar, eric digest and

First is,`s main page is simple and there is a logo of provide information through web, jobs, videos, shop, travel, yellow pages and white pages. Besides that, offered two languages. the languages are english and france.

Second, google scholar. The appearance is quite similar to main page. There is a logo of google and the logo is colourful. Its differ to logo`s. How can we search information is same, through web, images, news, groups, books, Gmail, scholar, blogs and others that provided in this search engine. There are two languages that offered by google. The language are English and malay. Besides that, we can create our own e-mail account using Gmail in its different from and eric digest but quite similar to

Third, The main page of are quite beautiful compare to other search engine. There is abstract of news, advertisement, the title of news and a box to sign in yahoo e-mail account. How provide information is same to other search engine, its through web, images, videos, local, shopping, news and others. Besides that, in this search engine it has a box on Today`s Top Searches, Yahoo! TV: Dancing with the stars and Pulse-what yahoo are into. Its different to other search engine. Furthermore, have some services like downloads, health, kids, geocities, mail plus and Y! international. On the other hand, we can create our own e-mail account that similar to google scholar.

Last but not least, eric digest. I never heard eric digest before and this is my first to look for it. Eric digest are short reports on topics of prime current interest in education. There are a large variety of topics covered including teaching, learning, libraries, charter schools, special education, higher education and others. It suitable for teachers, administrator, policymakers and other practitioners, but generally useful to the broad educational community. Eric digest offered two languages. The languages are English and spain (en espanol).

In anutshell, between these four search engine there are some differences and similarities.

I think that all for this posting….tQ……


norizan said...

I suggest you to go back to and explore the content and the search power it provides. It seems from your posting you did not do the search at all. Eric digest ok.

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